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Written by: Lauren

I have spent numerous holidays at La Buanderie in Guerinet and each stay has given me the opportunity for

relaxation and contentment challengeing to find elsewhere: La Buanderie bestows an atmosphere of sheer serenity,

tranquillity and natural charm upon all who stay there, whilst also poroviding luxury. It is a holiday which never fails

to create fantastic experiences and to later evoke an abundance of warm memories.


Whilst staying here, I feel that a perfect balance is created: you are surrounded by breath taking scenery; living in

a spacious but inviting home, yet still in easy distance of restaurants and the river Loire itself. Nestled into acres of

glorious forest I felt relieved of all pressures and enjoying the picturesque setting became second nature. Walking and

biking along the tracks throughout the forest was like beginning a miniature adventure as you discovered their

destinations at the lae and into the heart of the forest - an alluring picnic spot! Furthermore, the natural beauty of the

surroundings is also nurse in the large garden: beautiful roses line the pool and beds of plants and flowers fill the

garden with a vast spectrum of colours that inspire my further adoration for La Buanderie. The swimming pool also

gave me many fun-filled memories of swimming races and cooling dips between basking in the sunshine!


The appeal of a holiday here does not, however, stop outdoors as the spacious house provides both impression

of historical presence with the beams that extend throughout the bedrooms and sensations of lightness and space

through the high ceilings and large French doors and windows, a personal favourite of mine. Whilst spending

my may holidays here at La Buanderie, I have found that the house encompasses all attributes that I desire;

it is memorable, welcoming and luxurious - an idyllic holidayhome, and idyllic location!


La Buanderie has been the place of my most thoroughly enjoyed and reminisced holidays and is a place that

I hope to return to many more times in the future.