The Loire Valley is renowned for its chateaux. Many are within a one hour drive of La Buanderie.

The nearest ones open to the public are in Blois and Chaumont.


chateauChateau Royal de Blois


The chateau of blois is located inthe city centre of Blois, it has huge amounts of history within in it. It has been residence to the

counts of blois, the Dukes or Orleans, the kings and Queens of France, several Princes in excile and is now open for

the public to visit. For more infomation visit the link below.

Chateau Royal de Blois





Chateau du Chaumont sur Loire


This chateaux is famous for its garden festivals and its stables. Being founded in the 10th century it is full of history and with

its magnificant view across the river it is a spectacular

place to visit. For more infomation and visiting details follow

the link below.

Chateau du Chaumont sur Loire